"I found my first 610 on a rubbish heap of old cables and mic stands at Ocean Way Studios in LA around 1993. Grabbed it, plugged it in, sent a drum loop through it and whoa! Barely a tweak and that was the sound. I bought that 610 on that day for $75.00 cash. Yeah, I know, it was on a heap to be chucked out but the owner is a great engineer and business man. I had to have it and another which I found two days later at The Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks for $100.00. They've been on every record I've engineered since and most that I've mixed."


They sound HUGE! I used the hell out of them on the new Jason Isbell record!! ("Something More Than Free" 2015)


Within 5 minutes of listening to the M610 I knew I had to have one.

It’s perfect for getting transient filled material nice and upfront in the mix.. can’t live with out it now..”


“The folks at Spectra Sonics are STILL building cutting edge audio equipment. How cool is that? Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a diehard Spectra fan! I’ll tell you how I became one, “THE SOUND”. Nothing sounds like a Spectra mic pre. It is in a class all its’ own, focused but not harsh, heavy but tight. Even though it was introduced in the mid-sixties, the Spectra 101 mic pre more than holds its’ own against anything, new or vintage. The Spectra 110’s have even more headroom! I also have to give it up for the 610 Complimiter. If you are Ninja enough to handle one of these, you will use it on every record. Spectra Sonics was aerospace technology in 1964, and is an enduring element in the sound of American music.”


Maybe the industry's best kept secret! I have yet to find another piece of gear that routinely impresses me on any source as much as the 610 complimiter and 502 preamplifier with EQ.

Spectra Sonics is considered "vintage" now, but really it's the forefront of modern recording technology!"



"I've always been a fan of the mighty 610 Complimiter and the first time I ever heard a bass drum really sound like a bass drum was with a classic Spectra 101 with a 500 EQ... I've been hooked ever since!"


"I did a great number of my records at Record Plant New York. Most done in studio A which had a beautiful 24 buss Spectra Sonics board. It had a wonderfully smooth sound that was great across the whole spectrum. The mic pre's could handle a string section, a vocal or an aggressive electric guitar with ease and never folded up the transients. I don't remember ever bringing in any outboard mic pre's to that room. Behind me in the rack were mounted two 610 compressors that were a perfect fit across the stereo buss. How I missed that sound.
Now, it's back! The 502 mic pre's sound exactly like the one's I used on the first 5 Aerosmith albums recorded in studio A. Fat, sweet and as aggressive as I need them to be. As for the 610 - I can't believe it but they have actually improved on it. Specta Sonics has, short of having the original desk back, made me a happy man."


"I love my Spectra Sonics M-610, some of my favorite records in the 70’s were made using Spectra Sonics equipment and it is fantastic to be able to hear that sound again on my recordings. Thank you Spectra Sonics!"


"The 610 has been my longtime 'go to' device for dirtying up drums, parallel compression, and other general 'grit enhancement' tasks. Its ability to pump and overdrive make it perfect for things like that. The 610's not-so-dirty little secret is that, with proper settings, it can also be one of the cleanest, most transparent compressors available. Unique and invaluable. A classic."



“The 610 is a work of genius! Used properly it can smash a mono drum mic one minute and transparently control a lead vocal the next. We wouldn’t be without one.”