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STX 600 Complimiter Microphone Preamplifier:

 The STX 600 is our latest effort that adds to the fifty-year Complimiter history, in an affordable 500 series format. At the heart of the STX 600 resides the original, and famous, 601 Complimiter circuit that was introduced in 1969. As the fastest analog compressor limiter available, the 601 allows for dramatic improvement in headroom, as well as reduction of system noise and distortion. The 601 is the same circuit that is used in the original 610, as well as the recently introduced C610, 611, and venerable V610.


BB-DI Passive Direct Box:

The BB-DI is a passive direct box designed around our proprietary, custom-wound Hi-Z transformer. High headroom and virtually flat response make it the perfect input option for your instrument.


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STX 600 + BB-DI Bundle

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