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Plug into something better.

The BB-DI is a passive direct box designed around our proprietary, custom-wound Hi-Z transformer. High headroom and a virtually flat response make it the perfect input option for your instrument. 


  • DESIGN: Passive, HI Z Input, Balanced Output

  • SIGNAL LOSS: 26dB, Minimum

  • MAXIMUM INPUT LEVEL: +15dBu, -10dBm Output, (Nominal)

  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz-20kHz, +/- 1dB*

  • THD: Less than .01%, 20Hz-20kHz*

  • DIMENSION: 5”D x 3”W x 1.75”H

  • WEIGHT: Less than 8 ounces

  • *Output Reference Level: -10dBm


For years, customers have sought the perfect DI to accompany the renowned 610 series Complimiters. While our options were limited, we understood the challenges posed by reactive impedance variations caused by transformers. Depending on frequencies and source impedance, these variations can alter the instrument's sound for better or worse. This often leads to dissatisfaction and the need for extensive plug-ins to achieve the desired outcome.


Enter the BBDI, a revolutionary solution that upholds Spectra's founding principles of preserving audio signal integrity. This passive, transformer-based design sets a new standard, providing unparalleled low distortion and a flat frequency response up to 20kHz. Say goodbye to harmonic distortion and embrace a level of clarity and articulation that truly captures the essence of your instrument.


The BBDI's exceptional performance is complemented by its durability, making it a reliable companion for years to come. Crafted with top-quality North American components and proudly made in the USA, this DI offers a long-lasting solution that remains affordable for any budget. With its ultra-low insertion loss, your instrument's signal remains pristine, while the BBDI effortlessly brings out the finest details in your sound.


Experience the next level of audio fidelity with the BBDI. Unlock the true potential of your instruments, allowing them to resonate with unmatched brilliance. Don't settle for compromised sound—choose the BBDI and embark on a sonic journey where your instrument's true character shines through. Order now and transform your musical expression with Spectra's exceptional craftsmanship and innovation.

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