Gain: 64dB
THD: Less than .01% @ 20Hz-20KHz
Signal/Noise: Better than 120dB, (unweighted)
Maximum Output: +18dBm, 20Hz–20KHz
Power Requirement: Less than 50mA, +18dBm

Input/Output Control: Continuously Variable/10dB Pad
Input Impedance: 600 Ohms, Nominal
Output Impedance: Less than 50 Ohms

Frequency Response: 10Hz-50KHz
Phantom: 48 Volts
Polarity: 180 Degrees/Reverse/Mic or Line Input

You've Heard it before. Spectra preamplifier modules have been used to record countless hit records across the decades, and helped to define the sound of American music from Memphis Soul, to Rock and Roll. Un-changed, and still un-matched, the Spectra sound is now available in a no compromise 500 series format. 

MSRP: $945

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