The design of the STX 600 uses the same input section as the C610 and V610 Complimiters. The input section, (top knob), allows for quick setup for use as a limiter, limiter/compressor, or mild to moderate compression, (10:1). The output section, (bottom knob), allows for gain control for both compression compensation, and or microphone level adjustment. Switchable phase and phantom power are easily accessed via top mounted switches. The input pad allows for three settings, (0dB, -10dB, -20dB).

To allow for fast and accurate setup, the STX 600 utilizes two completely different indicator circuits. The input section utilizes an ultra-fast threshold circuit that indicates sub-microsecond peaks, yet allows visual representation of the onset of compression, via consistent lamp illumination. The output section indicator provides visual representation of actual output signal clipping, (+18dBu).


INPUT IMPEDANCE                               1200 Ohms

OUTPUT LOADING                                600 Ohms to Infinity

MAXIMUM GAIN                                   62dB

INPUT LEVEL                                         TYPICALLY -50dBu to +10dBu

MAXIMUM OUTPUT                             +18dBm @ 600 Ohms

THRESHOLD ATTACK LEVEL                 -40dBu

SIGNAL-TO-NOISE                                -80dBu, Below +4dBu Output,                                                                               -40dBu Input                                    

                                                                       20Hz-20kHz, Unweighted

FREQUENCY RESPONSE                       +/- 2dB, 20Hz-20kHz

LIMITER ATTACK TIME                           Less than 90 Nanoseconds

COMPRESSOR ATTACK TIME                100 Nanoseconds to 1.2                                                                                         Milliseconds                                    

TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION          .03%, 30Hz-20kHz, @ +8dBu

POWER SUPPLY REQUIREMENT            Less than 80 Milliamps @ +18dBu

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STX 600 side 2
STX Side R
STX 600 R