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The BB-DI 2CH is designed to provide accurate reproduction of keyboard and guitar source signals. The unique combination of a high-quality transformer/discrete components adds minimal "color," extremely low distortion, and extended bandwidth, 20hz to 20kHz

  • Low insertion loss (typically less than 10dB)

  • -18dB high-level pad

  • Improved headroom over conventional designs

  • Extremely low distortion

  • Small, durable, lightweight design

  • North American sourced components and labor

  • Available factory direct at an affordable price

  • DESIGN:  Passive, HI Z Input, Balanced Output

  • SIGNAL LOSS: 15dB, Maximum

  • MAXIMUM INPUT LEVEL: +15dBu, -10dBm Output, (nominal)

  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz-20kHz, +/- 1dB*

  • HIGH-LEVEL PAD: 18dB/switchable

  • THD: Less than .01%, 20Hz-20kHz*

  • DIMENSION: 5”D x 3”W x 1.75”H

  • WEIGHT: Less than 8 ounces

  • INPUT IMPEDANCE: 100k ohms (nominal)

  • *Output Reference Level: -10dBm

BB-DI 2CH Header.png
BB-DI 2CH Stack (1)_edited.png

BB-Di 2-ch

     The BB-DI 2-CH is a two-channel version of the now popular BB-DI in a familiar compact and lightweight design. The addition of a unique filter circuit, high-level pad, and custom-designed audio transformer dramatically improves the sonic performance of keyboards and guitars alike. 

Spectra SS White.png
BBDI-2CH Front
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