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The Spectra 1964 BBDI - The "Colorless" DI

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

No Hype, No Color, Just Pure Tone

For years customers routinely asked, "What DI to use with the 610 series Complimiters." We had a few respectable DI's on the list, but not many.

Transformers, by their very design, can be very "reactive" in impedance variation, depending on specific frequencies, and source impedance variation (impedance of the guitar or keyboard). These components change the "sound" of the instrument, which can be good and, or bad. In any case, the outcome is different in terms of what the instrument really generates with respect to frequency response, harmonic content, and a slew of additional artifacts. The final outcome is that the sound provided by the DI is not always what you want, and can be difficult to alter unless of course, one introduces a menagerie of plug-ins (which will often take you to another place entirely).

Active DI's, on the other hand, may transfer the waveform more accurately, but often with anomalies associated with audio transient overload (peaks). This type of circuit overload will dramatically affect harmonic content (loss), as well as increase overall distortion. And then there is the issue of powering the unit.


The Design Concept Behind All Spectra 1964 Products

(Spectra Model 610 Complimiter)


From the initial founding of Spectra nearly 60 years ago, the central focus and design requirement was to preserve the integrity of the input audio signal (waveform and harmonics). To that end, all Spectra produced amplifiers, compressors/limiters, and equalizer designs have met that criteria.

The BBDI is no different. By using Spectra design concepts and standards, the BBDI provides low distortion and flat response design that is unequaled by any standard or measure. The absence of harmonic distortion and articulation of signal detail is readily apparent. This is all done with a passive, transformer type design that will provide years of trouble-free operation.

  • Ultra-low harmonic distortion

  • Ultra-flat frequency response to 20kHz

  • Very low insertion loss

  • Long-lasting durable design

  • Affordable for any budget

  • Made in the USA with North American components

  • Available direct from the shop


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