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              The product is in A-stock condition (minimal wear marks, meets all factory specifications, 1-year factory warranty). Based on the famous Spectra Sonics 1969 610 Complimiter circuit design, the Spectra 1964 STX 600 offers improved headroom, low distortion, and seamless transition between limiting and compression. The unique two-knob design allows for quick and easy setup. Despite the smaller form factor, the STX 600 offers comparable performance to the Spectra 1964 C610 and V610 at a more affordable price.



  • Input Impedance: 1200 Ohms
  • Output Loading: 600 Ohms to infinity
  • Maximum Gain: 62dB
  • Input Level: Typically -50dBu to +10dBu
  • Maximum Output: +18dBm @600 Ohms
  • Threshold Attack Level: -40dBu
  • Signal-To-Noise: -80dBu, Below +4dBu Output, -40dBu Input, 20Hz-20kHz, Unweighted
  • Frequency Response: +/- 2dB, 20Hz-20kHz
  • Limiter Attack Time: Less than 90 Nanoseconds
  • Compressor Attack Time: 100 Nanosecods to 1.2 Milliseconds
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: .03%, 30Hz-20kHz, @ +8dBu
  • Power Supply Requirement: Less than 80 Milliamps @ +18dBu


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Spectra 1964 STX 600 (B-Stock)

$1,195.00 Regular Price
$865.00Sale Price
Front Panel Color: Custom Black
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